Always provide feedback

If you reject a job applicant, you have to explain the reasons to the candidate. No matter if you reject the application after a test or an interview, or you decide the candidate do not meet the requirements right after receiving the application, you should always send an e-mail a short explanation why the application have been rejected. The reasons:

  • You build positive relationships with the candidate. If you chose another one, but there’s a chance to hire this one in the future, this is a sure way to create good impression and to leave the door open for future collaboration.
  • You may even inspire her to take action. When the candidate knows the reason why she was not chosen, she may work to improve herself and next time you have a position open she may apply again.
  • More important, you open a communication channel. You may receive feedback in return.
  • You give the change to the candidate to prove you are wrong, or to apply for more suitable job at your company. Hiring is a hard job and anyone is prone to mistakes. If you think the candidate do not meet the requirements, say so. There is a chance the CV is not good, but the candidate may be able to show her skills and experience.
  • Last, but not least, this is a good marketing for the company as an employer. You’ll leave a positive impression, and you can be sure she will mention this when asked about the company. The rejected applicant may refer other candidates, and may turn into your client or partner into the future.

Sure, answering to every candidate requires your time, and your time is precious. But this is an investment in building relationships with potential employees and building a positive employer branding. The thing is, if you want to be successful in the long run, you have to develop your environment. If you receive CVs that do not give you any useful information to decide on the candidate, educate your candidates how to write a CV. If the candidates do not meet the requirements listed, there have to be reason for this. Sure, there always will be some candidates that obviously do not fit – some job hoppers, applying for any position, but it pays out to be kind with them too.

Take your time and make that investment!

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