Hiring – ASAP

There is a good chance you’ll suddenly have a position opened, or urgent project with no suitable employee to do it. You know you need to fill the position as soon as possible. This however is a dangerous road to take.

ASAP is poison

Jason Fried

When you declare the position as urgent, you just send a wrong message. When everything is urgent, nothing actually is urgent – everything has the same priority, and urgent means just normal. Lets assume that you don’t overuse „ASAP“ and when you say it, you mean it. But what ASAP actually means? That you’ll hire the first candidate that meets a basic set of requirements? If you look trough the lens of a candidate, there are 2 options:

  • You have a job and you do not look for a job ASAP. There’s no point to lose your time to apply for a position, that will be filled before you decide if you want to take it or not
  • You are looking urgently for a job and you can afford working something you don’t like for a few months

In the first case, you are losing potential candidates. In the later, you risk hiring the wrong person. And if you don’t fill the position a month after you posted the opening, and you are still hiring „asap“ – this may damage your employer branding.

The biggest issue is exactly this: marking a position as urgent do not guarantee that you will fill it. This is outside of your control and it’s always better to spend your time and energy on something you have influence to. You can just accept that you don’t have the manpower you need and to manage according to this reality. You can try to lower the urgency by reallocating resources, rescheduling and changing priorities. Sure, the best scenario is to not have urgent positions to fill, and you have to work towards this. But this will inevitably happen – it may be outside of your control. What you have to do is to use all of your creativity in finding the right people, instead of just relying on the job ads. You may even target people who are interested in temporary position or hire consultants – it may look that the cost is higher, but it will pay off in the long run.

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